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Interaction Design


Yu-Shing Wu

Po-Chun Chiu

Ting-Hsuan Chang

ReCord is a music machine displayed in a record store. We want to increase the interaction between two users and render people to start to think differently after they left some sort of traces on this machine. Starting to wonder what they will left behind and how will the next user think about it. 

By winding the threads, ReCord will record your use duration automatically when you are listening music, which turns time into thread thickness. Different thread colors represent different albums. So after some people use ReCord, it will display diverse colors on the disc and leave some natural information to the next user, building a connection.


To Think More

The traces left by users differs from people and time, showing abundant infromation. We tried to let people focus on them and start to think more for something they regard as normal.


To Connect

After you choose an album and press the button, the color bobbin will stand out and the machine will start to wind the thread. This action is the start point of the connection.


The machine is the medium of receiving and leaving messages.

To Feel More

The movement of rotating is also a metaphor of playing CD, providing an imagination for users.


We controled the machine by Arduino. This was a big try for us but it worked really well.


And please check the video below, which shows the process of doing this project :


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