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Book Design


The boundaries in our daily life shape our understandings to the environment. We cross one and another one from here to there. We see things from the other side. We immerse ourselves in the same. 

In this project, the boundaries in our daily life were explored with the aim to deepen people’s perception of environment.In my individual process, photography is the main tool for observing, analyzing, and communicating. The thoughts about “boundary” were transformed into a form of publication, including a photo book and distributable brochures, to be conveyed to the readers. While there are two installations as examples about how we can practice the thoughts in real life.With the phased-outcome, this project reveals a new perspective of the boundaries in space.

The first chapter, CONSTRUCTION, collects the concrete boundaries that separate or stop things, like the fences or the walls. Then follows the FLICKERING chapter that shows the boundary which is temporary or moving, such as a water line at the beach and a shadow under the bridge. In this chapter, you can also see how human’s or the animals’ behaviors blur the boundaries. To me, boundaries mark difference, defining an area or a object. When a boundary is blurred, viewers’ perception to the world can be changed. This reflection leads to the last chapter, BECOMING, which is also a practice intends to invite viewers to interact with the boundaries. 

The last chapter: The distribution


I took this chapter out as a teaser of the book that can be distributed widely in public. The book might be placed in Röda Sten where people will be interested in this kind of information, while the teaser could be anywhere to attract more people to get interested in this project. In addition, I want this part to be unfixed so that it can be extended in the future.



By giving another form to boundaries, I highlight and visualized the boundaries in the environment in a physical form, such as a rug and a curtain, to invite people interact with the boundaries as an interference to the space. Instead of passing through the boundaries, now people can sit on or reveal them and have different experience. The new behaviors blur the boundaries. By doing so, a range of nuanced space that had been hidden reveal themselves, which broadens people’s perception of space.

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