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Product Design


3D printing technique is a new trend in design field. However, the rough surface caused by layer-printing is always a problem. While Taiwanese Lacquer craft is the art of surface. Could those two help each other and open up new possibilities in manufacturing and aesthetic?


In this project, we combine the traditional lacquer craft and the 3D printing. When the lacquer is added on layer by layer and ground, the 3D printing is exposed and forms the graphic automatically. The new skin is applied to a series of tea plates, to create a sensual atmosphere for the space around us. By doing so, we reverse the disadvantage into advantage of 3D printing, and create new opportunity for traditional craft industry as well.


Series of tea plate

Series of vase


The project cooperated with the master of lacquer craft in Taiwan, combining the traditional craft and current technology. There are 3 stages in this project: combining test, modeling the concept, modification and developement.

In the first stage, we tested how lacquer and 3D printing combine together. Next, we came up with some ideas and built models for discussing with the master. After modification and considering in details, we realized our final work.

The outcome not only shows the aesthetic of the combination of craft and technology, but demonstrates the possibility of co-create by craft masters and designers.



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