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Ventilation Fan Design


Chia-Lin Lee

Ting-Hsuan Chang

Founded in 1982, JYE is a firm manufacturing and selling switch, socket, distributor of electrics, LED lighting, IOT products, and ventilation fan. In recent years, they started to redesign their products, creating a fresh image for their brand.

In this project, they asked us to redesign 3 types of ventilation fan, requirering a modern look attaching to the original working mechanism.A home appliance accompanies people in daily life. We started to think what values could it create with different looks, and how it can be as not just a ventilation product  but a breathing system in a space we live in.


1 of the series (be chosen to produce)

Ventilation fan is more like a part of interior, being quiet and attached to the ceiling. Thus in this proposal, we want to eliminate the volume of the product with a light appearance of two layers of boards. Just like a piece of papar be blown by winds, the thin board floats on the ceilling, enlighting the interior in a subtle sense.


2 of the series

For redesigning the ventilation fan, the holes might be the obstacle to balance of aesthetic and function. In this proposal, we keep the holes to remain the image of inhaling the air, but provide some blank area to form a clear appearance.



3 of the series

Regarding the ventilation fan as part of interior, we have wild imagination about what it can be. In this proposal, the fan imitate a leaned board with air passing through. The shape perfectly fits in the modern interior style.



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