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Exhibition Design


Milena Faé

Noeleen Doheny

Ting-Hsuan Chang

Started from the history about banning coffee and secret meeting for coffee, we addressed the ways in which people source, understand and interrogate information.

In the exhibition, we displayed visible and hidden information that interacted with each other in a kind of spacial dialogue. The hidden information required the visitor to do a bit of extra work in order to read it. Sometimes the information was found within the reflection of a small mirror, hidden as white text on white walls or by rotating wooden letter blocks. 

The exhibition concluded for visitors in a hidden room, where coffee was freely available. The visitors were invited to reflect on how much easier it is to assess a situation that happened in the past by comparison to one that is happening in the present. Visitors were given the chance to illustrate or write how they would like people from the future to assess and understand our year, 2018, on the side of their paper cup of coffee and place it on a shelf when they were done.



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