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Furniture Design


Hong-Ru Chen

Tung-Chun Hsieh

Ting-Hsuan Chang

Being the miniature of culture of Taiwan, Nightmarket becomes an important tourist spot packed with people. For serving more people as possible, vendors put priority on the convenience and low-cost. Thus, disposable tableware, accelerated cleaning process and poor service let this cultural place have a bad reputation.


Nightmart-Clean is a table and chair set designed for night market. We rethink the definition of table and the chair used in the public dining area.By changing the tabletop to a plate, we create a whole new way to serve meal and provide a brand-new experience for consumers.

Movable tabletop

Folding frame

Easy-piled Stool

The tabletop is consist of two movable plates. The vendors could serve meals with the movable tabletop as a tray and take away all the trashes and food remains right after dining, saving time to clean up. Moreover, the table top could be washed completely afterwards with more time.


Different from current ways of unfolding frames, the new folding direction makes the motion of setting up more efficient by taking advatage of  gravity.


The stools also have a simple structure to make it easier for setting and stacking up. The vendors could pile them up horizontally along the hole, saving more time and strength for vendors.


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