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Visual Design

Quantum Creative Lab

The company, ndd design, has dedicated to industry of design, craft, and culture for years. In 2016, with the cooperation with Lin’s ceramics studio, the gallery space called Quantum was built, aiming to introduce Taiwanese design and craft to public.

In this project, I worked closely with the Brand Team from the planning stage to the execution stage. I was in charge of all the visual design, including the logo, posters, business card, brochure, and the decoration in the space.




Believing in importance of inspiration, our mission is to explore the possibility of life by connecting the designers, artists, and people in creative ways. 




In this space, we want to gather people through different activities to create new things. So far we have developed a system to complete a visiting experience, including exhibition, talks, store. People could understand the philosophy of designers or artists not only by seeing their works, but by listening to them and talking to them. Furthermore, only through having their works from store and using them in daily life could people experience in a deep way.

In addition, Quantum preserve space on 2F for all creative ideas. We regard this space as a piece of white paper that anyone could draw on it. 







Quantum creative lab held many exhibitions. I designed the visual for some of them. The design outcome includes poster, dm, introduction board, banner. 

Compared to visual for Quantum that is more neutral, we think every exhibitions should have its own identity according to their different context to attract their audience. Therefore, you can see a more colorful and vividly graphic in the visual for exhibition itself.



exhibition of succulent plants



exhibition of designed daily products


exhibition of wood craft works


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