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Recycle Design

Ocean Spray

Kim Huang

Hao-Chun Chang

Ting-Hsuan Chang

Ocean Spray is an action about arising concerns about waste. By cleaning up the beach and making them into some useful daily use products, we took the garbage back to people as a permanent companion.

We turned the garbage into beautiful products in our life, including clocks, boxes, necklaces, pen containers, and coasters. We hope people to take a look at them again in a different mood and think more. Because sometimes we just throw things away without consciousness. 

The meaning of the name, Ocean Spray, is that we expect more people to join this action, splashing together like a spray. By keeping doing this action, cleaning the beach and creating useful things from garbage, we can make this world better and more beautiful together.



Pen container






Beach Cleaning 

At first, we participated some beach cleaning events hold by clubs in some universities. They provided the tools and taught us what to do.


They will let the participants collect the garbage seperately first, and then gather all the garbage to one place for sorting out.







After several public events, we started our own beach cleaning.

There is a wide variety of garbage on the beach. Because the source is complicated, we saw many things that we could never imagine before there.


However, we decided to choose garbage that is relatively common in our lives to be our materials so people could have sympathy feels easily.








33  001-032.jpg

We sort out the garbage and began our small-scaled production process.







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