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Book Design

To Become




Globala Tanter is a group of women coming from four corners of the world and settling down in Sweden. By creating cultural events, such as workshops, film festivals and art talks, the group arises the awareness of cultural difference and issues of migration.

'To Become' is the book of their journey, and also an ongoing process, which is open and full of possibilities. The book aimed to be an introduction and a continuous documentation of Globala Tanter, not only recording what they have done, but also open up the next page of their journey. 


Unlike an official brochure, the book is more like a private notes with random thoughts, or say a conversation with the authors themselves. Inspired by the act of drawing, the cover consists of one of the author's illustrations which were extracted as several abstract pieces, showing the process of becoming. 


When it is unfinished, it can be anything.


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