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Brand Design

Chi-Fen Restaurant




Chi-Fen restaurant, 七分食堂 , was a new restaurant that aimed for providing foods from nature in Yilan city in Taiwan.

In order to communicate their spirit and dream, I transformed the concept into words, images, and physical experience.




Chi-Fen means seventy percent in Mandarin. The concept of the restaurant is that the right proportion is the key to a balanced life. Chi-Fen values the nature of food. For one meal in Chi-Fen, the 70% of the food is un-flavored, showing the natural taste of the land. In addtion, it is enough to eat until 70% full. Perfect amount is way better than fullness. When you are not controlled by the physical satisfaction, you are available to pursue happiness for your mind.

Developed from the brand philosophy, the logo was designed with a symbol of a bowl that
is seperated into 3 : 7. The cutting stroke resembles the chinese character, Chi 七 , and looks like a spoon in a bowl.


Each chapter were separate and could be removed by cutting the thread off, or be added by stitching onto the cover. The stitches on the book spine showed the amount of my works with warm handmade touch.


螢幕快照 2019-08-06 下午4.38.59.png



To convey the spirit of the brand through application, three principles were set up to create a smooth experience.

Firstly, everything should be easy. Simplified pages and integrated process are helpful. Visual clearness is necessary. Secondly, Seeing is believing. Trust the power of images. Don't use words when you can show the pictures. The last but not least, instant interaction impresses people. It was suggested to allow customers choose their own food and show the outcome in a picture.

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